Your Homicidols Weekender #45

Happy Saturday! Did you have a good week? Idol sure didn’t. I mean, there was some good stuff, but also stuff like Cococo, which was bad. It all goes to show that all the feel-good and aw-shucks in the world can’t save anybody from the inevitability of death graduation.

If you haven’t checked out the hashtag for this weeks’ Fun yet, you must, because Kerrie put out a call that has resulted in some true horrors indeed. Why not make one yourself? And then think about whether you want to join me for an hours’ worth of overwrought idol analysis!

I Had a Good Week, Though, Maniac

Good for you!

You’ll Melt More! released the track list for their upcoming EP, plus the name of the tour, which is named after one of the songs:

Krv was recently telling me about a shift in RHYMEBERRY’s sound; this is cool:

Imonikomi should allegedly only be doing this for a little while longer, no?


If you are, consider buying a dope shirt!

le bilgemoi, anybody?

Kaqriyo Terror Architect and NSLE are going to do a two-man together; remember when Tsurezure would do those with Zenkimi, back in the day? That was cute.

Incidentally, this was the single best reaction to the Cococo news:


Is it now, Zombie Powder?

Here's a new one from NEO BREAK:

Idol merch is the best merch, as SHiX will now prove:

Every time Philosophy no Dance puts something on Soundcloud, I'm reminded of why I love them:

What the hell did Neuschwanstein ever do to you?

I praise Diamondollfy, and they turn around and completely miss on trying to go Hauptharmonie-y:

Have we talked about PassCode and their theme song?

APOKALIPPS now, please:

Have a bloody great weekend!

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