So Diamondollfy Kind of Killed This One

I was aware of this video, in fact aware of the song itself because I let it play in the background, and had no idea that it was Diamondollfy until I came back to it to do the post. Yeah, they’ve been a more impressive unit lately, but this song about gambling — which I also didn’t know until I looked because *surprise!* it’s a lyric video — is a) actually pretty good! and b) presumably a metaphor about risks and indulgence:

Just like sister unit Elfloat, Diamondollfy is usually on the underrated side, but they’re suddenly showing real popularity and increasingly interesting music and performance to boot. I wonder if Blue Forest saw that doing sparkly fantasy kind of music was all well and good, but you could still make a nice impression by getting louder and a little nastier, and just went with it — I don’t follow the family well enough to be able to say one way or another.

At any rate, hot damn thank you ma’am. Put out a full-length album with this kind of jazz, and I’d totally tell other people to buy it.