The Friday Fun Celebrates the Deeply Terrible

Man,  I’m on a roll right now! I only wrote last week’s Friday Fun and the week before’s a few days ago and already I have another lined up! Expect a fun drought for the next few weeks ahead!

Do you remember when it was a trend in certain online communities to recreate album art terribly with MS Paint or clipart? I sure do.

Look, I try to perform necromancy on old memes pretty much on a daily basis, but I really think this time we can make it work! Idol covers can be pretty easy to recreate nowadays. Why, some official covers already look like they were made in MS Paint!

So how about it? This week go ahead and recreate some classic idol CD covers. Don’t be shy, make them as shoddy as you desire! For some extra fun, let’s see if we can guess what it is!

Submit your creations with the hashtag #BadlyRemadeIdolCovers, the best will win nothing but perhaps a “good job!” from me next week!