Oh What the Stupid Flipping Hell? Co3’s Now a Literal Loose End

By which I mean, Cococo, accidentally sidewise kinda-Homioshi of former 100 Days focus Yukueshirezutsurezure, the infamous Co-cubed, is leaving the group:

Oct. 9 one-man will be her swan song. This is what I get for going to bed early for once. Hell almighty.

Follow the link in the tweet for the read-through. I personally saw no reference to penguins, sewers or revenge on the surface world, but I’m also still working on that whole “reading Japanese” thing, so it’s possible that some nuances were missed.

Christ on a cracker, this must be the most just-plain-annoyed I’ve ever been about a graduation — usually they’re sad or angering or eye-rolling, but I had a weird connection to Cococo, and not just because the closest thing that I have to an actual personal idol cheki are the photos that Papermaiden had snapped when NSLE was in Canada. Like, I liked her and her weird quirks. I guess that’s the power of the 100 Days? But yeah, annoyed! Co3 wasn’t supposed to graduate so much as sublimate into the parallel dimension from which she originated and to which she must one day return.

It’s putting the single on hold, too; that Oct. one-man date would undoubtedly have been used to promote the record, and now it’s just being done to say goodbye. That’s a brutal business decision, too, by the way, to be like “well, we were going to release a single subsequent to your departure, and also the timing would coincide perfectly with you taking off as we could make it a corner-turning kind of thing … but piss off, we’ll do the recording and video shoots with the one we replace you with.” There’s enough nihilism in that action to power an anti-matter drive.

Feh. Well, on the bright side, auditions and a new member? To be honest, I can see Tsurezure going on a trio, as they were originally composed, but fans may expect a move sooner or later, and Codomomental does have at least one more lineup spot to fill, so.

Gonna miss you, Cococo.

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  1. If this tells me one thing it is this: You must immediately cease your Sari Oshi Digest. I am not blaming you, but……….

    Just saying

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