Oshi Digest #6: Occulted

The big tour final at LIQUID is just a week away. Do you think that Oshi is excited?

Excited, or possibly desiring to drag the band to hell. Could be either!

Not specifically Oshi-related, but this is neat:

Now, specifically for Oshi, who is Sari, who won Queen of the Scene more fair and square than any other winner in any other thing that we’ve ever done, probably because darkness itself intervened, which is fair. But how much do you all know about Oshi? I can tell you many things. For instance —

Oshi is urban:

Oshi is fancy:

Oshi is classy:

Oshi has sleepovers with Rei:

Oshi gets verklempt:

Do you think you can unravel Oshi’s many secrets?

All it’ll take is your soul!