This Insane Babymetal Merch Might Actually Be Worth the Price Tag

I was going to post this yesterday with an “angery reacts only!” attitude, but kind of came around on it:

If you follow the link, you’ll see that the merch on issue is a five-DVD set from each of the Fox God Festival shows held quasi-recently, plus the mask accompanying each (hand-made! painted with the blood of slain angels!), for right around $500 US (not including shipping, or potentially customs, and you still need to be of THE ONE to get into a lottery to be among the lucky 500 to buy it, etc.).

What a deal!

Think about it: While DVDs are usually overpriced out the wazoo anyway, what you’re really paying for here are the masks, which are awesome and definitely worth having as a collector. I’m not saying that I’d shell out for them (I won’t, in fact), but put into perspective of what people really will go through to get various idol-related items, and considering that limited Babymetal stuff can easily be spun around for many times greater than the original purchase price once it hits the auction sites and the like, that $500 is sort of like buying Amazon or Google stock — yes, expensive, but you don’t need to worry about wasting your money. Hell, I’d probably just stick the DVDs on a shelf or even use them as shims in a bathroom remodel, given that they feature nothing but music that’s equally not new and also worn down to the point of frustration.

We now return to Maniac’s originally scheduled rant

I had been waiting for something Babymetal-related, though, because … damn, son, they haven’t done anything genuinely relevant in a year now* (TOKYO DOME!), but Metal Hammer has a new feature coming out from these shows, and all of the put-together here makes me think that there might be an announced release — a real one, not an animated series that never happens, but like an album — in the very near future.

In the meantime, though, Amuse proves itself to be perfectly capable of sucking every last ducat out of every last fan without having to put any real investment into the product they’re paying for. What a business.

*Touring only counts so much, and fans who’ve known about you since at least the “Choco” days are starting to get antsy!

4 thoughts on “This Insane Babymetal Merch Might Actually Be Worth the Price Tag

  1. Amuse has probably invested more just on BABYMETAL songs that are left on the cutting room floor than most idol groups will spend on all their music combined. :p

    Anyway, the current speculation is that any huge new announcement will probably come at the second show in Osaka in a couple of weeks as that is the only one they are doing livestreams to theaters for…
    Though it would be nice if they had some announcement for the SSA shows in the next couple of days.

      • Well, with the weird Fox Apparel thing or whatever and the “announcement” of a Su birthday show it was honestly more than i was expecting happening around these shows. :p

        Seems like more idols attended than past concerts? Or am i just paying more attention to Idol SNS these days? 😛

        And Osaka Shuntkastnaktn even sent flowers for the flower lineup thing? I didn’t know there was any relationship between the groups.

        • Tribute. 🙂 I know the inspiration, direct and indirect, for a lot of today’s chika idols getting started is/was BiS, but I have to think that a lot of those girls (and managers, and writers, etc.) look at Babymetal and think “thank you for proving that idols can do this stuff.” And, of course, any time you do a thing, you tend to be a fan of those who do the thing best. You get a chance to go to what’s sure to be a total blow-out of a show, you take it.

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