You Can Listen to POP’s “Queen of POP” Like Right Now

We’re still two weeks and change away from POP‘s one-man to celebrate the official release of “Queen of POP,” but they added the tracks to Soundcloud this morning, and you can get a nice (full) preview:

“Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” we already know (and like).

“Alarm” I think is something for the Pla2me fans out there, a callback to the Europop kind of sound that made the original Plastic 2 Mercy and then the first big release from POP stand out, idols doing pop music that doesn’t sound like most idol J-pop.

And then juxtapose that with “走る!!” which is a nice ballad-like little idol tune. Not POP-typical, but you gotta fill out a track list sometimes, and it might catch on with some audiences.


The title track, “Queen of POP,” is right damn on point. Oh, I like this song.

I honestly thought that the swerve to denpacore that we heard when they released the MV for “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” was a put-on, but then it obviously wasn’t, and this song is right in that wheelhouse and wow. Denpa, as a style, is simultaneously not for everybody but also carrying something for everybody; people who like energetic music should embrace it as the basic totality of the very notion of high-energy. And denpacore, especially with this kind of ridiculous percussion and manic synths, should be required baby-making music for the club set.

Nice release, POP, and I hope that it sells like the dickens.

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