I Could Spend Hours Dissecting Yukuetsurezure’s New Song

I tease these newcomers a little bit, but I’ve been uncautiously optimistic about Yukueshirezutsurezure from Day One, and this new song, “Tsurezuresanka,” is a good reason why. Take a few minutes, then join me on the More side to talk about it.

UPDATE: Well, they took it down. But trust me, if you’re the type of person who thinks that Filter and Alanis Morissette should have done a collaboration, you’d love the song.

WHAT THE HELL?! Man, that’s … so much is happening in this song! I’m actually kind of at a loss for words. I love it.

Like, okay, you have these choruses that aren’t terribly dissimilar from the kind of idol clubcore that feels like an injection of sweetness into a nightmare (maybe I’m still in a mood from POP, but I’m loving the percussion), like the dark side of PassCode. The verses are such a tonal shift that I almost can’t believe that they’re part of the same song. Do they and the bridge remind anybody else of Girls Excellency International or sora tob sakana? Is it me?

Given what we’ve heard from sister group Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da so far, too, and the disturbing side of the Maison Book Girls of the world, is the whole yami-kawaii thing taking on a distinct sound, too?

If this is it, I’d be pretty okay with that.

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