POP’s Second Single Is Coming …

… in two months!

I’ll never get used to these Japanese release schedules. “Are you not excited about us? Well, guess what — we’re going to build on that excitement several months from now!

Anyway, “Queen of POP” is set to drop on March 13 at a one-man live. Cool.

POP has been all over the damn place since they were formed from the wreckage of Pla2me, from getting kicked out of TIF right after releasing their album and first video to suspending Saki and continuing on live for several months to letting Saki back in after she ran a 100km marathon to releasing the brain-busting denpacore madness of “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” and rebooting their look;

Also, puppets.

I thought that there were some BiS/Idol-level machinations at work, but I’ve so far been proven wrong.

So what will “Queen of POP” sound like? Everything that Saki’s been involved with since the formation of Pla2me in 2014 has been all over the map. At this rate, I don’t even want to speculate. Let’s just enjoy the ride.

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