Well, I Guess We Can Say That mistress Is Going out in Style

This is a dumb post about mistress, you guys. It was originally going to be a review-cum-celebration of the second annual mistFES, and was in fact originally titled “How the Hell Does mistress Do It?” because I could never get my head around just how a (frankly) mid-tier idol project was able to get like half of everybody even remotely interesting to the same place/s at the same time/s, pay for all of that and make it an experience that people were into. Like, look at this lineup and tell me that you wouldn’t prefer that to TIF or @JAM:

Anyway, it’s all moot now because mistress is disbanding next month:

There aren’t any details, obviously. And, barring the sudden revelation that Ameru has been running an underground smuggling ring or something, it’s probably something either lame and mundane or interesting for the wrong reasons. Frankly, I thought that mistFES was basically corroboration that mistress was still going strong — other than their apparent PassCode phase, I didn’t have a great handle on what all they’ve done in the intervening months — but maybe the fact that such validation was required was more indicative of troubled waters than anybody could have guessed.

Rather than prematurely mourn their death, I can think of no greater way to celebrate mistress’s life than to plow forward with that review of the weekend’s festival, save for the fact that there’s only a modicum of the total video volume that I expected to find. Oh well!

WILL-O’, the former Alloy:


Kamikaze Sensation, who I haven’t done anything with yet!


I hope that we get one last release from mistress. All things considered, they did have a legit all-timer last year, and that simply must be acknowledged.