Well That’s an Interesting Turn from mistress, Ain’t It?

So … did you hear that mistress dropped an MV yesterday? Like, opinions were pretty torn on the whole BiSH offering (I thought it was sweet), but man, folks were all kinds of up and down on mistress.

Let’s have a look!

I am shocked to learn that this was by a PassCode/NSD songwriter

So, yep, that’s a new song, to be unveiled officially this weekend, and yep, that’s a song from Team PassCode (in case you couldn’t tell). While I definitely largely agree with Terry that, no, that’s maybe not the look to be going for, given that PassCode’s sound is PassCode’s and to a certain degree NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s, and mistress has historically gone for less effect-addled tunes, if I turn off the part of my brain that remembers things and takes the song completely on it’s own, it’s solid enough if you like that digitized idolcore kind of sound. It does make me wonder if mistress is intending to turn a little bit of a corner, given that NSD is on the brink of disbanding and, I don’t know, there’s room in the part of the idol market that we-B kind of had cornered? Hell, does we-B need a new act? That’d be something.

Video-wise, I appreciate mistress’s wholesale dedication to disgusting violence and unflinching death scenes. The hard side of idol too often pulls its punches; I don’t need evisceration in every video, nor themes of destruction and the like, but I do appreciate it when idols laugh at things like propriety and go for broke. So well done on that count!