In the Southwest Today? Go See Daemon Talk!

Hey! Just a quick announcement: Our man Daemon, who does this thing on as regular a basis as anybody that I know, will be at the Tucson Japanese Festival this weekend for not one, not two, but three presentations on contemporary Japanese music, which you just know includes idol!

It’s five bucks. That’s $5! That’s as close to free entertainment as it gets in this day and age, and you’re bound to learn about something new and interesting — D’s got wide-ranging tastes and obvious passion for them. Check it out!

Well, I Guess We Can Say That mistress Is Going out in Style

This is a dumb post about mistress, you guys. It was originally going to be a review-cum-celebration of the second annual mistFES, and was in fact originally titled “How the Hell Does mistress Do It?” because I could never get my head around just how a (frankly) mid-tier idol project was able to get like half of everybody even remotely interesting to the same place/s at the same time/s, pay for all of that and make it an experience that people were into. Like, look at this lineup and tell me that you wouldn’t prefer that to TIF or @JAM:

Anyway, it’s all moot now because mistress is disbanding next month:

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There’s a Lot More Fest Happening Than Just TIF This Weekend

For all the right reasons, it’s good to be excited about the Tokyo Idol Festival. It’s only going into its (counts on fingers) seventh year, but it’s already becoming a place where stars are kind of born; last year, for instance, Osaka Shunkashuto and PassCode went in as virtual unknowns and walked out with people buzzing about them.

However, while TIF has rather well-embraced a certain flexibility toward sound and attitude in its lineup, it doesn’t have room for everybody, and some of our very favorites either aren’t included or only get a cursory moment on stage. The idol-loving world’s eyes are on Tokyo for those three days, so what’s an indie, underground or under-exposed idol to do?

Fortunately, it’s not only TIF that can be organized for three concurrent days in August, and there are idol entertainment options far more representative of the kind of stuff that we dig happening in the Tokyo area. Continue reading

The World’s Cutest Horrorshow: Kamen Joshi Fes

I’m ashamed of myself for not knowing about this before:

Kamen Joshi, the super group at the pinnacle of the Alice Project, is (obviously, given all of the context so far) holding a self-made festival. You should see my face. Continue reading

Aaaaaand Now Babymetal’s Booked for Chicago Open Air

Didn’t specifically call this one, but that Babymetal wasn’t done putting together tour dates seemed increasingly obvious, and here’s a stop that’s going to matter: Going back to the Windy City for an appearance (fifth billing!) at the brand new Chicago Open Air festival on Sunday, July 17.

Poster for the 2016 Chicago Open Air festival, held July 15-17, and featuring none other than the Black Knights, the Kitsune Warriors, Babymetal

This festival is owned by the same company, Danny Wimmer Presents, as Carolina Rebellion and Northern Invasion, so I think I smell a nice contractual arrangement between that company and whichever of Babymetal’s agencies is handling these North American appearances.

But that’s just business — this is awesome news! The Kitsune Warriors broke out big in Europe in 2015 (and 2014, if we’re being completely honest) by shocking the festival circuit; between Colbert and these festivals and I’m sure a few surprises to come, this is their year to become a legitimate conversation piece in the United States.

Man, Metal Resistance is going to sell a bajillion copies if it’s anywhere near as good as their eponymous debut.