So Mistress Ain’t Dead, Huh?

Well hell’s bells, friends. What is dead, truly, may never die, at least not as long as idol is a thing. Mistress, hot off of disbanding, is back — in a sense! Yes, the members are all gone, and the group had its farewell live, but “the mistress” lives and has a real-deal MV to prove it:

It’s clearly time to update that ranking of PassCode songs!

There’s obviously not a whole lot to go on from here, except that the debut is on the 11th and there are members: Continue reading

Well, I Guess We Can Say That mistress Is Going out in Style

This is a dumb post about mistress, you guys. It was originally going to be a review-cum-celebration of the second annual mistFES, and was in fact originally titled “How the Hell Does mistress Do It?” because I could never get my head around just how a (frankly) mid-tier idol project was able to get like half of everybody even remotely interesting to the same place/s at the same time/s, pay for all of that and make it an experience that people were into. Like, look at this lineup and tell me that you wouldn’t prefer that to TIF or @JAM:

Anyway, it’s all moot now because mistress is disbanding next month:

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PassCode Songs, Ranked

Another new feature that I’ve been dying to bring to ol’ is another one that fellow Deadspin readers may appreciate. Just to get this out of the way: It’s meant to be funny, you guys, not to be taken deathly seriously.

  1. “TRACE”
  2. “Club Kids Never Die”
  3. “Toxic”
  4. “Now I Know”
  6. “rise in revolt”
  7. “Never Sleep Again”
  8. “Orange”
  10. “Nextage”
  11. “XYZ”
  13. “Same To You”
  14. “Asterisk”
  15. “Let the revelry begin”
  16. “Dream Maker”
  17. “affair”
  18. “bite the bullet”
  19. Being hit by a bus
  20. “from here”

Well That’s an Interesting Turn from mistress, Ain’t It?

So … did you hear that mistress dropped an MV yesterday? Like, opinions were pretty torn on the whole BiSH offering (I thought it was sweet), but man, folks were all kinds of up and down on mistress.

Let’s have a look! Continue reading

Are You Ready for the New mistress Album?

I had to pull this dang thing out of the Weekender, but:

I love these announcements that come no more than two weeks before the official release date. And, if we’re lucky, we’ll get another MV like the last one, which seriously should be getting Of the Year consideration, you guys. It’s ridic.

For now, though, all we get is this trailer: Continue reading

You’ll Stop and Listen to mistress’s Entire EP If You Know What’s Good for You

Dang thing published before I could edit it! Well, the point is, mistress is on Soundcloud and you should listen to them!

Ah, mistress, out-of-nowhere contender for a mess of awards this year, holders of almost impossibly well-booked eponymous festivals and sneakily maybe the underground’s gnarliest emerging artist at this point. You won my heart a couple of weeks ago, but now you’re in there with swords and spiky clubs and making me want to die in violence. Bless you.

The reason: To celebrate the release of their likewise-eponymous EP, they added the whole dang thing to Soundcloud and would like it very much if you were to take it for a spin!

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I Hereby Nominate mistress for Everything

You know it’s October when idols of the homi- variety start dropping sweet, bloody pain for the world. I stumbled over mistress’s announcing an announcement this morning and felt like it was something to heed, but … sweet holy hell, I was not prepared for this:

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Is Mistress Really Too Noisy or Noetic?

I am full cognizant of the fact that this was released yesterday; I am also fully cognizant of the fact that I am just a man and can only do so much. I started to write up a post for this, then realized that Mistress has no greater fan than John, and yes, he did indeed post this, so I’m more than happy to steal a little.

One of my favorite alternative idol groups is back with a new video. I am so happy that they are able to keep going after the member change a while ago. This one might not rock quite as hard as their previous offerings, but I like it anyway. For some reason this group just hits […]

via mistress – Too Noisy! Too Noetic! (MV) — Straight From Japan

Idols Be Lewd!

John’s in the reviews game now, and I think you owe it to yourself to check out this look at … well, the fact that mistress just straight up includes (tastefully covered!) nudity in their artwork tells you pretty much all you need to know about where they’re coming from and where this is going.

As you all know, I am like a huge fan of mistress. So when I got my hands on their demo/single, 「Succubus」, a while ago I felt like the happiest boy in the park. Played it on repeat for a bit then ripped it to my hard drive so I could put my special treasure […]

via mistress – Succubus, (Now I Need A Cold Shower) — Straight From Japan

Mistress Has Very Loud Video, Too

So on top of all of that other stuff from yesterday, including and especially that of it that trickled over into today (coming right up!), we have this grinding little corker from mistress:


I don’t know what “Disturbing the Real” is meant to mean, or I guess what is meant by “the Real,” but you know what? It doesn’t matter! Continue reading