I Hereby Nominate mistress for Everything

You know it’s October when idols of the homi- variety start dropping sweet, bloody pain for the world. I stumbled over mistress’s announcing an announcement this morning and felt like it was something to heed, but … sweet holy hell, I was not prepared for this:

/dusts off hyperbole suit

This is fantastic. I needed it. I needed pain and blood and violence and something terrible with an age/content warning — yes, for Friday the 13th, but also because Halloween’s just a couple of weeks away and JyuJyu hasn’t made any indication that they’re going to save us this year. “DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE”, I’m not going to anoint it the best song this year, but it’s certainly the most damn appropriate. It’s like “I kill” all over again, only without the generally positive message and hopefully with a better ultimate ending. I want to show this to people I know, but only after I’ve forced their eyes open and cranked the volume to 25.

Stay out of mistress’s way, man. I wasn’t in love with their next-most-recent work, but this … if I could be at MAWA LOOP over the weekend, I would be, and I’d be that dipstick who shows up hours early and endures lots of things that aren’t as enjoyable just to have a spot on the rail for this song.

And in preparation of their upcoming second one-man, here’s a set: