Prepare Yourself for What Candye Syrup Is Bringing to America

I had the funnest little internal self-dialogue when I saw Candye Syrup tweet about the release of this MV. It went a little like:

“Oh neat! It’s been a little while since Candye Syrup did a thing, and they need to do a thing because of their con appearance in Arizona among other things, so this is good!”

“What are you so excited about? Don’t your think that Candye Syrup has a hit rate somewhere around Andre Drummond’s shooting percentage?”


“Yeahbut nothing.”

And then I did something else, because spending too much brain power on such things is for suckers. Quite a few hours later, here we are! I will no further preface this song or video except to say that this is the title track for the WHITE RUSSIAN EP due out on Wednesday, which is in fact more like a maxi single, but I gave up on understanding the ins and outs of how idol groups refer to their releases a while ago.

Instructional video

What a random song! Maybe not quite as random as a SHINGEKI tune, but pretty randomly assembled anyway. It feels a little like a vintage 2014 Maniac Just Discovered PassCode and Guso Drop in the Same Week song. It also feels like one of those “idol harsh vocals were a mistake!” compositions that keep cropping up lately — I know what you’re going for when you’re basically tacking on grunts and growls for the sake of including them, and that’s dumb, especially when you have a Non — but, again, see “random” above, which does leave some room for forgiveness. Idol’s also a lot about playing to your base, and will the base dig it? The base will likely dig it.

And how fortunate then that Candye Syrup will be bringing this tune and the rest of the WHITE RUSSIAN EP with them to Arizona in a couple of months! I’ll flat-out cop to being interested in hearing the whole thing despite said personal middling hit rate; sometimes, playing to one’s base in the big, broad public-facing video releases means that the really good stuff is stuck elsewhere on the record, and I am a known B-side aficionado.

2 thoughts on “Prepare Yourself for What Candye Syrup Is Bringing to America

  1. Serious deja vu.

    This opening is almost identical to an up-tempo version of Yamitsuki Co.s “Sickness”. And the rest of the song has a ridiculously similar structure and tone. Is this plagiarism, or has alt-idol gotten so formulaic that two composers have independently created the same song?

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