Friday Fun: #2022IdolPredictions

Hey, it’s the return of the Friday Fun, currently running a reduced service every 52 or 53 Fridays.  Here we are at the end of 2021 and I think it’s safe to say that collective optimism for the forthcoming year is possibly lower than it was twelve months ago.  But we’ll always have idols so let’s entertain ourselves today by forecasting their actions over the forthcoming centi-century.

First though, let’s see just how psychic we all were this time last year:

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Get Pissed, Destroy, in this Friday Fun!!

Boy, did we need some levity last week and we got it by sharing our favorite #ChikaIdolBops.  I got to discover some new tunes and hear some old favorites. Altogether, I think we put together a pretty sweet playlist.

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HAPPY SONGS ONLY!! in this Friday Fun

Kerrie is still in self-quarantine, so I get to run with the fun this week. Last Friday, we did our annual exercise whipping out the crystal WACK ball and trying to out-guess Watanabe with our  #WACKAuditionPredictions.

I think, this year, we came pretty close.

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A Friday Fun Shot Out of a T-shirt Cannon

Apologies in advance! Kerrie is still mid-move, so you’re stuck with the boss for today’s Fun, and I won’t even pretend that it was my idea; it was, in fact, Kerrie’s. But still, someone gotta write it!

Before we begin, of course, let’s look back at last week’s view of possible scandals in idol:

All in all, I’m disappointed in you guys. Nobody thought to use “horribly overworked iconic center of massively popular group suddenly quits and sparks huge backlash”!

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The Friday Fun That Keeps You Riveted to the Tabloids

How was your movie night?

This week’s fun has definitely been done before, but, frankly I don’t care, for two reasons:

  1. The last time we did this, it was way too much fun.
  2. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be in an undisclosed location without any internet, probably without any furniture, and very likely crying while surrounded by boxes. Aka I’m moving.

Idol scandals are a weird thing. They can go from anything from “this idol just got arrested” to “this idol has a similar kind of love life as any other woman aged 18 to 25” to “this idol did literally nothing wrong, but the company she works for just committed a human rights violation.” They come out of nowhere, send the whole fandom aflutter with a mixture of rage and/or sympathy, and, as much as most of us would hate to admit it, are kind of fun to watch from afar. Continue reading

A Friday Fun to Make Awards Season Much More Amusing

Last week’s fun made me emo.

Hey everyone, I’m back! I’ve been taking on-off breaks lately, partly because of IRL business and partly because last time I checked, twitter was nothing but an ongoing eruption of chaos and I frankly just didn’t want to ge involved with. Continue reading

A Friday Fun for Adulation

If the last year or so has taught us anything, friends, it’s that anything in idol is possible, a spirit that you firmly embraced for our #2020IdolPredictions:

Nice segue

Now, for today, if you’re following the news at all, you no doubt have noticed that the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket with stunning alacrity. It’s almost like we don’t want there to be a 2021! And at fraught times like these, it’s normal to want to turn to something as relentlessly positive as idol to cope. But here we are, three days into the new decade, and we find out that one of the most important personalities in our end of the Idolverse is hanging up her color-coordinated outfits in May:

I’ll spare you both panegyric and elegy — and definitely eulogy — but I think I speak for an enormous chunk of the fandom when I say that Saki is a person who has mattered in a way that few get to. She got her dream job as an idol with her absolute favorite (even got to do it twice!), then parlayed that into, really, five-plus years of a plaPOPGANG continuum that contributed greatly to the creativity in idol music and the individuality in the scene. Hell of a run. Continue reading

A Friday Fun to Make Sure You Get What You Never Wanted

Last week, you pitched some movies that were too good for Hallmark to even consider.

Keeping with the Christmas theme, as it is the last Fun before the holiday after all, here’s a Fun that’s pretty much just #IdolNightmares recycled, but much like an unwanted Christmas present from last year, I’m just going to wrap it up and gift it to someone else because I can’t think of anything better to give! Continue reading

A Friday Fun for Blatant Holiday Cash Grabs

Last week, Maniac took the wheel and had you #GiveThanksToIdol, of which I myself was very thankful for.

Well, it’s that time of year again, where Christmas commercials are totally unavoidable. But, is it just me, or have there been a lot more celebrity Christmas albums this year? Continue reading

A Very Thankful Friday Fun

Happy Friday! So our intrepid Weeaboo Woman (Kerrie) is up to her neck in getting the annual Best Of stuff properly organized for proper fan voting, hence you’re getting a very special edition of the Fun from yours truly. It’ll only be good for about half of the wit, but maybe we can make up for it with sheer earnestness!

First up, last week’s top entries for #IdolFitness — I sense a very distinct theme among our various workout regimens:

Now, fitness motivation is often an outcome of the holiday season — all the food and drink and simmering intrafamilial resentment — but we (Americans, and recently also Canadians) are genuinely supposed to express thanks and grace about the good things in our lives right now. Continue reading