A Very Thankful Friday Fun

Happy Friday! So our intrepid Weeaboo Woman (Kerrie) is up to her neck in getting the annual Best Of stuff properly organized for proper fan voting, hence you’re getting a very special edition of the Fun from yours truly. It’ll only be good for about half of the wit, but maybe we can make up for it with sheer earnestness!

First up, last week’s top entries for #IdolFitness — I sense a very distinct theme among our various workout regimens:

Now, fitness motivation is often an outcome of the holiday season — all the food and drink and simmering intrafamilial resentment — but we (Americans, and recently also Canadians) are genuinely supposed to express thanks and grace about the good things in our lives right now.

So when you need an easy solution for a Fun, and you’ve seen how much people like to talk about their personal idol feelings, I think that sounds like a nice, ready-made solution! This week, your first Maniac-led Fun in a very long time, let’s do #GiveThanksToIdol to reflect and share on the impact that these lovable people have had on our lives.