A Friday Fun Shot Out of a T-shirt Cannon

Apologies in advance! Kerrie is still mid-move, so you’re stuck with the boss for today’s Fun, and I won’t even pretend that it was my idea; it was, in fact, Kerrie’s. But still, someone gotta write it!

Before we begin, of course, let’s look back at last week’s view of possible scandals in idol:

All in all, I’m disappointed in you guys. Nobody thought to use “horribly overworked iconic center of massively popular group suddenly quits and sparks huge backlash”!

Anyway, let’s get ourselves some kind of Fun.

You know that here at Homicidols Dot Com, we like to avoid being too serious about anything that doesn’t require seriousness. Like, actual personal matters for idols? The underbelly of idol culture? People in the community acting as wreckers? Those things we’ll take seriously. But your run of the mill stuff? It tends to get the same wry irreverence that just about anything in entertainment deserves, up to and including wild-ass fanfic based on the flimsiest of pretexts, as what is life if you can’t enjoy it, and what is love of another person if it doesn’t include sometimes laughing at them?

Everybody understands the concept of a mascot, right? And I don’t just mean for your favorite local sports team, either — I’m talking the kid in your class who everybody kind of begrudgingly loves and lets stand in as a representation for you all, or the person at work who keeps the whole office laughing, or the dog the one person in your book club adopted and who wears a cut little branded sweater when you all do roadside cleanup together on Saturday afternoons every eight weeks. That kind of thing! We even have a mascot of sorts ourselves, in that Homicidols Dot Com very unofficially adopted a certain eyepatch-wearing toilet ghost as mascot several years ago and ran with it.

Yes, idols can both be and have mascots, too. Momoko Gumi Company, for instance. Or that weird uBu project with the disembodied mannequin heads. But whatever (or whoever) it is, your favorite idol group needs a mascot today, and we want to see fan art. Write up or draw up your best/worst suggestions and tag them with #DrawAnIdolMascot, and please for the love of baby jeebus keep it approximately PG-13!