A Friday Fun to Make Sure You Get What You Never Wanted

Last week, you pitched some movies that were too good for Hallmark to even consider.

Keeping with the Christmas theme, as it is the last Fun before the holiday after all, here’s a Fun that’s pretty much just #IdolNightmares recycled, but much like an unwanted Christmas present from last year, I’m just going to wrap it up and gift it to someone else because I can’t think of anything better to give!

So, do you guys do the white elephant thing at Christmas? It’s where you give each other Christmas gifts that no-one would possibly want, all in the name of fueling capitalis- I mean, festive laughs! 

Yeah, it’s like the #AllIWantForIdolChristmas from last year, but… the opposite. 

This week’s hashtag is #IdolWhiteElephant, and if you’d like an extra challenge in the spirit of the reason, try to make your answers as comical as possible. Think less “My oshi graduating” and more “Kuro-chan gravure photobook”. You get the idea!

Anyway, Happy Holidays, I hope, unlike this hashtag, you get exactly what you hoped for this year.