HAPPY SONGS ONLY!! in this Friday Fun

Kerrie is still in self-quarantine, so I get to run with the fun this week. Last Friday, we did our annual exercise whipping out the crystal WACK ball and trying to out-guess Watanabe with our  #WACKAuditionPredictions.

I think, this year, we came pretty close.

But enough of WACK-style hunger games when many of us are stuck in isolation, rationing Lottepies on high alert for the first corona zombies to appear. It’s times like this that we turn to music for comfort and, man, do we love music! Around here, we love music so much we cosplay as fancy music bloggers.  In particular, we like music that is dark and fast and loud with screams and growls about isolation and loss over blast beats and shredding. And that is all well and very, very good.

But at this particular point in time, it might be nice to… maybe… just once… I don’t know… put together some music that’s a little more upbeat and, dare I say, happy?

So, in this Friday Fun, post your favorite upbeat song by an underground idol. Happy songs only!! And tag it #ChikaIdolBops.

Let the sun shine in on our black little hearts!!

I’ll start.