Get Pissed, Destroy, in this Friday Fun!!

Boy, did we need some levity last week and we got it by sharing our favorite #ChikaIdolBops.  I got to discover some new tunes and hear some old favorites. Altogether, I think we put together a pretty sweet playlist.

Thanks for sharing!!

Seven days of being cooped up with our roommates, significant others, children and/or pets later, it’s time for very different catharsis.  On the eve of 4/4, the death day and release date of 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San’s new album, there is no more appropriate time to let it all out. Let’s scream until the windows shatter, the walls cave in and the roof falls down around our heads!!

Use the hashtag #IdolForDestruction to post your favorite idol songs to scream along to, or share those idol tracks about breaking stuff that you blast to keep yourself from breaking stuff.

The people and animals we cohabitate with may not thank us, but we’ll definitely feel better for it.