This Is the Worst Pun I’ve Ever Used … And That’s notall!

I kinda sorta promised the Tokyo Candoll winner, and I am a Maniac of my word if nothing else, so:

What did the winners sound like? If you’re in France at the time of Japan Expo and not possessed by demonic forces following Necroma’s medieval live, and you happened by the Expo, would you go see the idols and be pleased, or would you scoff and be like THIS AIN’T SOMETHING ENOUGH FOR ME, which is often a fair opinion to have, even with idols, but also, it’s idols.

Anyway! Attenuated run-ons and strawmen aside, here are your Tokyo Candoll winners, notall (Twitter):

I kid not in the least when I say that I’ve been waiting for literal months to finally get a good chance to bring up these idols. Their sound is … not typical for this establishment, but still possibly something that you’ll dig a little bit. There’s some rock in there!

But really, what first drew me to them (other than seeing their name on half a hundred performance listings) was this weird/cool beef situation that they had with STARMARIE:

And when idols have beef, you know it’s serious. Somebody’s outfit could get damaged!

I couldn’t find their set from Tokyo Candoll, so here’s one from right about the same time:

And that, ladies and germs, is notall. In a nutshell. Maybe you’ll like them!

It was really difficult to not do this as a #NotAllIdols pun instead, but I thought that might go even further over the heads of some people, and is nothing if not inclusive