They Didn’t Win, But Here’s Video of Cure Blasting the Hell out of Tokyo Candoll

As luck would have it, I’ve had a post on the actual winner of Tokyo Candoll on ice for a little while because they-fit-well-enough-I-guess, but this competition to appear at Japan Expo in Paris does a nice job of showcasing idols that fit right in around these parts in general.

Often to terrifying results! For instance, NECRONOMIDOL was in last year and put on a hell of a show, using those undies as a promo, only to be among the several cool idols upset in favor of (blech) safe, inoffensive tradols. I don’t recall Cure being part of the festivities last year, but they made it into the finals that went down just the other day. Here’s their full set:

Nothing says “Send us to Paris” like opening your set with screams

Pretty cool seeing Osaka’s bossest noise merchants on a stage that size with a crowd that size and in a moment that size. Can you imagine if they’d won? Have mercy.

Also, though other context clues are still clear as mud, that Cure is operating as a (spine-shaking) duo is pretty much confirmed by this. While I’ll miss Kokeshi-chan being the most terrifying human doll in existence, I’m certain that she’ll find some venue somewhere for her to sound like the hellbeast she is at heart. I’m sure that Misa has it on lockdown no matter what happens.

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