Who Wants to See Deathrabbits Performing at Tokyo Candoll?

Yes or no, up or down, I’M SHARING IT ANYWAY!

Don’t pretend like you’re too cool for “Nande.”

This does, however, answer any questions I’ve ever had about whether Bucho’s vocals are live.

12 thoughts on “Who Wants to See Deathrabbits Performing at Tokyo Candoll?

  1. Not gonna lie: I thought the first few DR songs far awful, but this performance seemed quite fun. I might give them another chance, and while I don’t think it’ll ever happen, if I had a chance to see them live I don’t think I’d turn it down.

  2. I think Bucho uses a regular microphone on the parts he actually does live.
    Btw, you need to put more Deathrabbits on your “Ultimate Homicidol Playlist” on youtube. Only one song? Why not more? Why not Koisuru Kisetsu, I think this song best represents them.

    • You make a good point, and do me this favor, because one of my earliest problems with that was just finding a lot of their stuff on a really tight turnaround: Send me links (YT only) to their legit 3-4 top. Save me a little bit of homework!

  3. I put together a little playlist for you to add to yours of Deathrabbits official MVs that have English subtitles some of which come from Peter O’Hanlon’s Deathrabbits Fan Club channel & the official DR channel. I thought that the English Subs would help people understand & to get to know Deathrabbits better.
    I also made a playlist of all the official MVs without the Fan club subtitled versions & another with a few live songs with good sound & camera work on my YouTube channel if your interested in adding any of those to your playlist. Anyway I hope this helps.

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