PLEASE Let This Be as Awesome as It Looks

Apparently Lolisyn is (already) back!


For a tiny bit of context, Gouhou Lolita Syndrome, who to date feel like one of the great near-misses in alt-idol, have had nothing but a volatile history. There was an original duo that got some attention, but they were replaced (in a live on-stage funeral!) by the two most recent ex-members, Halu and Hiro, who did pretty much everything expected of them only to then get the boot. Their final live was not even three weeks ago.

That’s sad. This is not surprising, however. Lolisyn wasn’t the top of the heap, but they were good and they had their fans and the landscape is so changed right now that why give up on a good concept with good music when you can keep tooling with it to match perceived market demand?

In this case, it’s bigger than “just” idol:

“Legal little girl syndrome REBOOT” Neko无 Leo, Wakapiku, starting at five system plus two people by the general audition in three of the universe Nozomi. While the takeover is the spirit and music of Rorishin, not only live idle, model, DJ, in a wide range of activities, such as designers, cut through the idle scene in a more creative angle.

From the Twitter profile, c/o Google

The multimedia guy in me is loving this concept. They’re like a darkened Ayukuma!

This includes two ex-Gekidol members. Per the comment below, “Wakapiku and Reonyan were in Gekidol. Wakapiku was also their producer and songwriter. She DJs on the side. Reonyan is a model and into Korean stuff. The other person I have no idea.” I also think the Twitter says May 6 for a debut. Corrected: Debut’s in June! That makes much more sense.

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It’s obviously way too early to tell where this goes, or if this is even any good beyond the confines of the trailer, but holy shit you guys!

9 thoughts on “PLEASE Let This Be as Awesome as It Looks

  1. Actually both Wakapiku and Reonyan were in Gekidol. Wakapiku was also their producer and songwriter. She DJs on the side. Reonyan is a model and into Korean stuff. The other person I have no idea.

  2. They say June debut, not May 6th… I’ve no idea why google translates it as such… Seems like they’d sorted all this out before 2nd gen graduated anyway. They are also planning to recruit 2 more members to make 5… but last time PAC tried to recruit was to expand Princess Garden from 5 to 7 but they only recruited 1, so dunno if they will make it. I’m glad they didn’t bring across members from the other PAC groups, which I was wondering if they might do, cuz none of them are suitable, apart from Zero, who is too busy with her other project(s). Kindof funny it’s 2/3 of Gekidol. At the moment it looks like Gekidol covering Lolisyn songs…

    What I’m glad about Lolisyn continuing is that their songs don’t die. There’s about a dozen unreleased ones.

    As for me, it will likely be like me and AP from now on. Keeping half an eye open to what they are upto. Seeing them maybe a few times in the future, but more from a distance.

    Well, it kept my mind off wondering when Hiro is going to reappear on SNS (after she disappeared off it a few days ago) for a little while…

      • I can see your face! Which does make me wonder what it’s pulling from. Your email address? Technically, everybody’s supposed to be using this Gravatar thing that I don’t like; Phillter does, for instance. But yes, if I roll out that little profile-network doodad, it had better have profile pics.

    • This is interesting. I’ll update the date, too. If you have to guess, given the current configuration (DJ, idol, “live model”), what do you think they’re looking for in the other two members?

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