The Perfect Distillation of Everything Great

I was looking for something new to listen to today, and of fucking course I got bored with most of YouTube pretty quickly and turned to Reddit and /r/KawaiiMetal, and I saw for the first time a group that I don’t necessarily think I’ll feature on this site, but may on the upcoming companion — ayumikurikamaki (あゆみくりかまき)

Just listen to this song and watch this video:

I am obviously a fan of idolcore. I am also an avowed proponent of denpa. This means that denpacore is basically the best damn thing in the world as far as I’m concerned.

And the relevants about ayumikurikamaki are like the most wonderful thing: A former DJ/hype duo that went with a bear theme, added a singer, have fans called hunters and do a bear-paw dance thing and a shows-only song that includes a circle pit? And look at them! They’re dressed as kawaii bears in basketball jerseys!

I literally can’t even.

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