Pick up ‘DEADMAN,’ Also Score a Live DVD

This may have been true for a while yet and I’m just now noticing because … BiSH has a trailer going around for the live DVD that’s coming packaged with the “DEADMAN” single, their major label debut.

Eden of Sorrow feels like forever ago at this point, and for them it kind of is. Like, they’re already way past stages like the one shown. The trouble with meteoric rises is that they tend to end poorly, so let’s hope that BiSH gets to Budokan or whatever the next goal might be without completely imploding.

10 thoughts on “Pick up ‘DEADMAN,’ Also Score a Live DVD

  1. Surprisingly the live video trailer looks really good. Is this after the lifting ban? Cuz looks a lot better than I remember BiSH to be, not a solid wall of people on each other’s shoulders the whole time. Anyway, I was thinking of popping along to one of the release events or some of the 24 hr live to pick this up, but… the DVD version costs 5,400 yen, fuck that… when Guso released their one-man-live DVD on their single, it still only cost 1,500yen.

      • Hmm, so looking at event details, it’s not clear to me whether you get 1 event ticket per CD purchase, or a number of event tickets per money you spend… if it’s the latter, the price of the DVD version may not be too bad, but if not, it’s a bit of a rip-off (as well, it’s 2 tickets per 2-shot (or 3 for 3-shot etc up to 7 for 7-shot) which is fine if buying the 1000yen edition, but I feel you should get more tickets for the expensive edition!

    • Wow 5,400 yen, that’s almost $50 not including the shipping cost! I love BiSH but I don’t want to pay that much for a dvd. Too bad it’s so expensive, It looks & sounds great. Looked like a very fun show.

  2. Seriously? 54,000 yen for a dvd with zero stage production? WTF kind of backdrop is that, a bed sheet with a logo spray painted on it? We just watched the Kamen Joshi dvd from the massive Saitama Super Arena and their production was at Babymetal level. Huge flame towers, vertical co2 blasters up front and horizontal blasters above the stage, gigantic spherical video projectors, 200 ft runway out into the middle of the crowd,confetti bombs, three tier staircase, those girls know how to put on a show. All for 1,500 yen. If bish and their “major label” want to compete for my money, it’s time you up your game and put some effort into your production. Otherwise you’ll be a considered a 3rd tier act

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