Damn, Oyasumi Hologram Is Just Pumping out Material

I made what felt like a devil’s bargain with the dynamic duo when touting their album release and video the other day,stretching the boundaries a little bit but screw it, they’re good and Sister Site may never come to fruition, so talk about them.

Well, since then, they’re actually released two more videos, including this very appropriate one today!

Plus, any reference to William Gibson gets bonus points.

“Neuromancer” is like PassCode getting remixed by a trance DJ for a Tuesday night gig. Such weird energy, but you know me and rhythm sections and this one puts me in a happy place.

Here’s the other video, btw, for “11”:

On the lighter end of the spectrum, idols like OYSM and Yuromeromo! are moving so far beyond changing the game that it isn’t even funny. It’s part of what makes this all so enjoyable.