Idol Is ‘DEADMAN’: BiSH’s New MV and Download

They had teased last night that there was something coming down the pike, and this time BiSH delivered. Remember that ripping video of the new single, “DEADMAN,” from the Idol Swindle finale? Video, yes, and a free download.

Download. I’m guessing that, unlike the tracks from FAKE METAL JACKET, this is a limited-time release; it’s not on the official Soundcloud.

Cover for Japanese idolcore leader BiSH's DEADMAN single from avex traxMy first thought (I’m saying, literally in the first five seconds) was of this definitive piece from the Mothership; that is, one of the most essential few minutes in their entire ouevre and the ultimate bookend in the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist.

There are other BiSH fans on here. Crazy comparison? I just think, hey, exactly the literal same spot in their career arcs.

How does “DEADMAN” line up with other big spots in the BiS legacy?

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