Pick up ‘DEADMAN,’ Also Score a Live DVD

This may have been true for a while yet and I’m just now noticing because … BiSH has a trailer going around for the live DVD that’s coming packaged with the “DEADMAN” single, their major label debut.

Eden of Sorrow feels like forever ago at this point, and for them it kind of is. Like, they’re already way past stages like the one shown. The trouble with meteoric rises is that they tend to end poorly, so let’s hope that BiSH gets to Budokan or whatever the next goal might be without completely imploding.

Idol Is ‘DEADMAN’: BiSH’s New MV and Download

They had teased last night that there was something coming down the pike, and this time BiSH delivered. Remember that ripping video of the new single, “DEADMAN,” from the Idol Swindle finale? Video, yes, and a free download.

Download. I’m guessing that, unlike the tracks from FAKE METAL JACKET, this is a limited-time release; it’s not on the official Soundcloud. Continue reading

Idol Swindle Fallout: See BiSH’s “DEADMAN”, Prepare for Less than Sex

BiSH held their Idol Swindle Tour finale. It was basically a victory lap; the entire tour followed the very successful release of FAKE METAL JACKET and the announcement of their signing with avex trax, to be accompanied by their first major release on May 4.

Would you like to hear that song? (h/t @metalheadxXx)

Kick out the jams, mother fucker!

It’s called “DEADMAN,” which is fantastic, even if you’re not a big wrestling/Undertaker fan. A little more from the tour finale and BiSH‘s next steps on the More side. Continue reading