At Least Everything Is Coming up PassCode

Because not everything in the world has to suck all at once, there are heavy idols who are having good-to-great things happening right now.

In this case, PassCode! After killing it at TIF, they had their VIRTUAL tour final tonight and closed the show by announcing:

They’re going to a major label! In this case, Universal, and that actually kind of sucks because Universal was one of the labels that was terrible at dealing with the YouTube Red rules and had/still has a ton of stuff blocked in the United States (go to hell, YouTube!) usually only posts short versions of videos, which is just as sucky as what I originally had there.

They’ll be releasing their major debut single on Oct. 26, and have an 11-date one-man-with-a-full-band tour booked to promote it and MAYBE EVEN ANOTHER NEW ALBUM (some speculation may be involved there)!

Note: This post published just over two hours late because I have a terrible hosting situation. Never ever do WordPress unless you speak it already, kids.

9 thoughts on “At Least Everything Is Coming up PassCode

  1. Hype. I truly adore PASSCODE well done ladies well done. The next group to hit babymetal levels of popularity? Maybe, maybe not but I’ll be there the whole damn way!

  2. I have never been the biggest fan of passcode or most their music but i am glad that major labels are paying some attention to groups with this kind of sound.
    The question is: Is Universal going to to meddle with the direction of the music?
    I guess that i(not being a big fan) wouldn’t mind a bit of meddling! ;p

    • Their most recent album had a bit of “let’s be more of a crowd-pleaser” to it, though they held on to enough of their edge to still be interesting to old fans. I’m not all that sure that Universal would meddle too much, though; other rock units on their roster have been left mostly alone, and there’s a noticeable trend in that direction now, market-wise. There’s also less to meddle with!

      • I don’t think they signed Passcode to turn them into a ballad unit so they should(probably) be okay. 😛

  3. The Ltd Ed of the single will contain the DVD of the tour finale the single was announced at, which is nice. Prolly at BiSH levels of price though, since they are major. Wonder if they’ll try and impose BiSH style rules on the PassCode crowd.

  4. Party Rockets is a Universal group and they were brought back from extinction… I think Universal will be ok, and there are was of getting content outside of youtube 🙂

  5. Universal is not one of the companies where videos are blocked due to Youtube Red. However, they are notorious for only posting extremely short versions of music videos.

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