Next Friday, We Go #Deathless4Necroma

Hello everybody! I wanted to share this quick reminder about the next big community idol support project, this time to celebrate NECRONOMIDOL and the release of their DEATHLESS album that I could not be giddier about.

The overall details are here, and right here are the really relevant bits:

  • Friday, Feb. 24
  • Corpse paint and/or spider
  • On your face
  • Snap a selfie (or, gods forbid, a group photo)
  • Update your social profile picks for the day
  • Use #Deathless4Necroma and tag @NECRONOMIDOL on Twitter or Facebook or maybe even Instagram, I dunno
  • And remember to tell your friends!


What to do about your corpse paint? Here’s just one very handy how-to video:

There are dozens on YouTube, and you can even do corpse paint without going heavy on the makeup, so hunt around a little for what looks like a good approach, but: You literally just need white foundation and some kind of black eyeliner to make it work.

I’ll probably opt for a more-dead-Alice-Cooper look, personally, but I can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with!