Get Your Corpse Paint Ready: In Two Weeks, We’re Going ‘DEATHLESS’

They say, when you love something, set it free. That’s terrible advice, because everybody knows that the best way to love is to completely suffocate the object of your affection until it can’t possibly escape! Hence, in the past several months, we’ve shown our deep abiding love to BiS with the New Idol Army and PassCode with International Hackers … and now, with the release of their DEATHLESS album rapidly approaching, we’re going #Deathless4Necroma.

Brian at Supreme Nothing is again the brains behind the operation; the short version is that, on Feb. 24, we’re going to emulate this …

… and do our own personal versions of corpse paint on social media to show NECRONOMIDOL that their international fans are with them and willing to go to the grave and back to support their quest for ownership of all the souls world domination.

But go read the whole thing; there are some particulars to consider and some helpful advice, including an alternate opportunity to participate that involves spiders in your mouth on your face. Hell, you don’t even need to be a fan, per se; just throwing some support toward cool idols is fun, as is pretending to be in a black metal band!

I hope that we can take this one to as high a level as we were able to achieve with #NewIdolArmy — after all, Necroma’s out there making the effort to connect with us; putting on some makeup and/or venomous arachnids is the least we can do in return!


  • Friday, Feb. 24
  • Corpse paint and/or spider
  • On your face
  • Snap a selfie (or, gods forbid, a group photo)
  • Update your social profile picks for the day
  • Use #Deathless4Necroma and tag @NECRONOMIDOL on Twitter or Facebook or maybe even Instagram, I dunno
  • And remember to tell your friends!

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