You Clowns Inspired This Friday Fun by Being Clowns

Hi everyone! It’s Kerrie, speaking from the past! How spooky. Is future Kerrie still as sleepy as past Kerrie is? How will I know, I’m writing this about a week in advance. But before I go into any further rambling caused by 2 nights without sleep, let’s have a look at last week’s party. I asked you all to come up with potential idol movies. I can’t wait until some idol big-wig sees this and goes “hmmm, let’s fund this” when they saw their group.

This week’s party is one I’ve been holding back on for a while now due to different circumstances –cough- The Watanabe Trilogy –cough- but I figured to get this out of the way before I forget or before yet another idol hell approaches –cough-Watanabe-cough-Trilogy-cough- and it’s all related to our event calendar.

Remember that? I keep updating it whenever I can, so consider this event to also be a reminder to continue submitting any release dates or important events in idol fandom, because I’m only one person and I can very easily overlook something I didn’t spot before.

Also, some cheeky has been submitting fakey releases to us:

I’m not mad to be honest, these submissions are hilarious. Which is why I’m making an event based off them. I want either:

  • Photoshopped images of the above entries (album covers, photos from shows, you name it)
  • More ridiculous idol releases like this. Preferably not submitted to the event calendar though

Please tweet either your ‘shops or your upcoming totally real idol events with the hashtag #UpcomingAltIdolEvents, and the best ones will be posted here next time.

By the way, there’s something else happening next week, so there will be no Friday Funday until March. So by that logic, that gives you an extra week to do this! Have fun everyone!