NEVE SLIDE DOWN Snuck a Third Song by Us: Check out ‘WENDY’

A lot of excitement has been built up by PassCode sister group NEVE SLIDE DOWN since they released MVs for two very cool songs, “Let me out” and “City Lights” in the span of a week. But they weren’t done messing with our heads, apparently:

H/t to @idolisshit for the tip!

You can go have a listen on their homepage (scroll to the bottom to find the player).

I gotta say, they’re just covering the whole swath of PassCode territory, aren’t they? “WENDY” is sort of in that old digital popcore space that I think was mostly excised from PassCode itself for VIRTUAL, blending up pop punk with a more industrially aligned EDM and of course those vocodered voices. It’s a fun tune!

And now that they officially have three tracks to their name, I expect either a debut single or EP to be announced any day now …