Check out the 2nd MV from NEVE SLIDE DOWN

Last week’s first look at NEVE SLIDE DOWN was pretty fun, and they’re following up pretty quickly here with “City Lights.”

You might be forgiven for thinking that you’ve stumbled upon previously unreleased PassCode, and you in fact may have, as this is their official sister group with the same producer, composer, etc.

However, it does lead one to important philosophical questions, such as, How is it that this sister project is now out-PassCode-ing PassCode, or, Have you really reached the point in the world where more PassCode must be had and the actual PassCode cannot possibly meet demand, and, Boy do you think MAPLEZ is pissed?

One way or another, this is a pretty good time, and I’m looking forward to what else they’re able to do.

4 thoughts on “Check out the 2nd MV from NEVE SLIDE DOWN

    • That might be some of it. Like they’re aware of the attention that PassCode’s getting but don’t want to have PassCode be the one that makes that move, so they create a sister unit that’s nearly identical but can transition more easily to the West. I guess we’ll see when they start to get bigger releases together.

      I can say this for sure: A lot of idol groups debut and want to be able to go West, but never can because they don’t attract a fan base; NSD, on the other hand, had an international fan base built in from the start, and they show up all over Facebook and Twitter. So it might be working …

    • It has a more guitar driven sound and the compositions are not so crazy as those of Passcode. One can easily make the assumption that it is targeted to a different (and wider) audience.

  1. I am not a Passcode fan so me not liking this is not unexpected, but i think these 2 songs just come off as Passcode with less personality.
    And it’s not like i think most of Passcode’s music has much personality to begin with…
    Drums are bland, guitar is BORING and the synths are standard Passcode synths.
    Their voices being vocoder’d to fuck and back also puts spokes in the wheels of establishing an identity for the group.

    So the songwriting and production team is now going to be stretched thin making music for 2 groups? Or are Passcode going to get new producers and songwriters now that they are on a major?

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