NEVE SLIDE DOWN: PassCode Has a Sister Group, and They’re Good!

This is kind of incredible: PassCode’s team just sent another heavy EDM unit into the world:

Are they any good?

OF COURSE THEY’RE GOOD! It’s PassCode’s team! This stuff is their bread and butter!

There are production details about NEVE SLIDE DOWN (Twitter) in that Gekirock article, but the members are Mizuhi, ALISA and Layna. I think Mizuhi is the leader/center kind of person. Maybe Layna. Maybe nobody! Their debut live is next Sunday, Sept. 11, basically opening for their big sisters.

Regardless, I love this. GIVE US MOAR!

10 thoughts on “NEVE SLIDE DOWN: PassCode Has a Sister Group, and They’re Good!

  1. Confused cuz their twitter bio says they are Osaka based, but they are having their debut live in Tokyo. Cuz having a 2nd group in Osaka makes sense… anyway, so are they gonna do PassCode songs or just originals? Every group seems to have sister groups etc nowadays, sigh.

  2. Prefer their original voices.

    Anyway Alisa = Arisa, Layna = Reina. Both of them are graduate of Osaka School of Music and also involve in it idol unit – So.on Project.

    1 of Passcode member are also from the same school as well if I’m not mistaken.

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