Let’s Have Some Goofy Fun; Join the Homicidol Gif Party

Kerrie, the @weeaboowitch, is back to usher us into what I hope we can turn into a regular thing: #GIFParty! Start planning now and follow along … and remember Kerrie’s Redbubble store!

Well, I couldn’t really think of a good intro for this, so let’s get right to the point; I’m financially incapable of going to any nightclubs, so let’s throw a gif party!

Gif of Koshouji Megumi sniffing chopsticks to Kamiya Saki's reaction

We’re hoping to maybe make this a weekly thing, but first here’s a little trial run. This weekend, we want you to post as many alternative/rebel idol gifs as possible! If we get enough, then next week we’ll post our favourites.

This week’s theme, appropriately for this first attempt, is getting right to one of the core things of why we love Homicidols; good old-fashioned craziness. Post gifs of your favourite idols being silly, scary, completely ott on Twitter under the hashtag #IdolsGoneWild.

Maniac sez: Keep it clean and legal, please.

As we have no user-submitted gifs for our first week, let me pull some out of my collection. I’m afraid I’ve been on a fangirl frenzy over a certain anti-idol group that reformed with new members this week, so that’s most of the gifs I have. However, feel free to post gifs of any alt/rebel idols gone wild of your choosing! Topics may include:


First Summer Uika directing a video camera toward her crotch

Terashima Yufu flashing Wakisaka Yukika

Alt idol Hanako-san lifting her skirt to a costumed mascot

Misandrist acts of violence

First Summer Uika smacking a fan

BiS members smacking men in the IDOL video

Members of BiSH beating a guy

Pour Lui’s Jesus Complex

Pour Lui striking a cruciform pose while surrounded by flame

BiS members crucified in the IDOL video

The inexplicable

Bellring Girls Heart playing on the floor like weirdos

Alt idol Hanako-san whipping a demonic character with rope

BiS members falling on stage

Add your submissions in the comments here or on Twitter using the #IdolsGoneWild hashtag, and we’ll post the best after the weekend.

Have fun!

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