Maybe This Is a Metaphor for Being a BiS Fan Anymore

I really wanted to give BiS crap about doing that “never title your thing in a way that’s easy to ironically mock” thing from the very second that “I can’t say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was announced, but I moreso really wanted to be happy and satisfied about getting invested in this whole BiSusiness and sticking up for probably the most influential idol project for my turn as a fan, not to mention the thousands of people for whom idol is a much more immediate and impactful part of their lives. I was ready to get some knives ready for this one, you know? Just in case. Either cut it to ribbons in disappointment or defend it unto the death.

Now I don’t know how to feel!

BiS 新生アイドル研究会 /「I can't say NO!!!!!!!」[OFFiCiAL… by idolvizion

What a weird-ass video! It’s like Pour Lui decided one day that she wanted to send up certain cheesy idol MV tropes, but also wanted to add some commentary on … something? idol maybe? and asked for a couple of horror / thriller additions, but didn’t communicate that to wardrobe very well. Hence, we get RennaiBiS outfits and Kika in clown makeup and a kid whose imprisonment would probably be a lot cooler if his droogs were there with him.

As for the song, I started off kind of mad about it — rather than just be a new version of a standard Matsukuma template, this one’s more like “we took elements of those couple of other songs (but oddly not) and made one song” — but came around. If New BiS is going to eschew a new path to being legendary ass-kickers, at least let them be weird and occasionally a little experimental.

This comes when Pour Lui herself is under suspension, of course. It’s like when Saki was on “indefinite suspension” from POP PARADE and nonetheless recorded a single and filmed an MV before taking on the marathon challenge that would allow her back in. Now that the standard has been set, I can only imagine what kind of stupid-ass thing needs to happen for Lui to be activated (if anything — Chitti just reverted back to being Captain without ceremony, IIRC).

Fortunately for her (and us, and the world), BiS is in a more comfortable place now. Pour Lui, for all of the crap and dissatisfaction, did ultimately win.

Anyway, almost no matter anything else, this is still nice to have after that whole other business.

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  1. The official video has since been made unlisted for some reason. If you have the link you can still view it (as long as your not in the US) but its unsearchable it seems now.

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