We Got Two More BiS Previews!

While I’m not even going to comment on the latest BiS-related kerfuffle, I was pretty eagerly waiting for when they were going to do something more album-related than this ridiculous marathon business, and they delivered today.

Mixed bag of stuff!

Ska-core! How tremendously fitting in the context of what else is scheduled for today!

“Never Starting Song” is pretty seriously the tastier of the two; “Romeo’s Heart” is a perfectly acceptable J-ballad, but it doesn’t feel very much like a BiS song (even the “ODD FUTURE” realm), though it’s all full of old-school pop moves that your nostalgia might enjoy.

Re:STUPiD is less than a month away, and we now have have five tracks from it. Like, literally have — just grab the download links from here; OTOTOY’s slow as hell this morning and I got tired of waiting.

Right now, the album’s kind of all over the place. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it’s intentionally all over the place and not just “we didn’t know what we were doing.” There’s a little bit of edge and a little bit of balladry and some fun in the compositions, yeah, but I’ll confess that I was waiting for an angrier venture overall — and we might get there! I just shudder at the thought of Pour Lui losing some of her edge now that she’s over the age of 25.

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  2. ロミオの心臓 sounds like it’s supposed to be really sweet, but it just leaves an incredibly sour taste.

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