Kamiya Saki’s Run to POP, Streaming Live UPDATED

As mentioned before and before and before, ex-BiS and ex-Pla2me and formerly current but probably soon to be re-current POP leader Kamiya Saki was ordered to run a 100K in 24 hours to keep her place in the group, supposedly to culminate in her arrival at the venue for their big show tomorrow just in time to rejoin her compatriots and usher in a new era of madness.

POP doesn’t fit into easy categories of what could or maybe should be considered homicidol, but this is honestly metal as hell. Ganbatte, Saki!

Update: Saki finished successfully! About two hours before the deadline, she arrived at the venue, tired but happy. Her POP mates greeted her. There were many tears. H/T Pure Idol Heart.

POP members congratulate Saki for her successful completion of her 100km super marathon to stay in the group

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