Let’s Take a Step Back for Indie Idol Wednesday

Part of the whole reason that I started Indie Idol Wednesday was so that I could have some set-aside space for the lesser known, not-quite-sung idols who actually work pretty hard and have a nice little following, but aren’t part of the usual big-buzz culture that we normally gravitate toward. And back when I started the feature, the other part of doing so was to have an excuse to talk up my girl Ophelia 20mg.

Well, Ophetan went and did something yesterday that I wasn’t sure she’d ever do — she released full-verison PVs for … singles of hers? There had been short versions and sort-of trailers published before, but now they’re full, and … if idorock is a thing, then idometal needs to be, too, because these are all great examples:

This one’s new, though, I think!

I doubt that you’ll ever be able to just straight-up purchase Ophelia 20mg records online, but do check her out if you ever find yourself in Osaka, or Tokyo during one of her expeditions there. Tell her Maniac sent you. Then be prepared for a really offended look, because senpai doesn’t seem to care very much that some weird-ass gaijin talks her up like she’s the second coming.