Oh, Sweet, There’s uijin That I Haven’t Heard Yet

I was mostly minding my own business, as I do, and friend to us all Pure Idol Heart was like “hey bro, you gotta check this out,” and I was like, this is how you wind up addicted to painkillers in the after-school special, but I’ve learned by now that one should listen to one’s elders when delving into idol, especially when said elder is possibly not an elder but has been around this whole game for a while, so I complied, and oh look! New uijin video!

You guys remember uijin, right? You should, because they’re fun, and neither of these two songs are the one that we first got to enjoy … hell, that was back at Thanksgiving.

This is music that makes me feel good. Can somebody please hurry up and make uijin officially a thing?

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