Arrow Heart Lives!

Let’s talk about a love of mine, gang. It’s a pretty lame week, after all, and you take the small victories when you can get them.

If you’ve been around a while, you may remember the time that I declared that I would do whatever was necessary to aid the success of one Arrow Heart, a two-member subgroup of a fairly insignificant idol project that’s part of a … well, what matters is that they made music like FRUITPOCHETTE Lite, and those two (originally three!) members just idoled ever so hard for literal handfuls of wota at various local events, but it all wound up on YouTube. I was moved! That’s dedication; I wanted them to, well, become something in the way that I used to imagine the choir director at this one church probably used to wish that she’d taken that one chance to New York for an audition, but was gamely leading retirees and whoever’s kid was in the high school chorus through all-too-familiar arrangements of holiday hymns while he own life devolved into middle age.


I followed, though, and took as many opportunities as possible to share my love. But then, one day, I noticed that Arrow Heart wasn’t sharing new stuff on YouTube anymore, and their official Twitter was mostly just sharing stuff from the main group. And I thought, well, another idol bites the dust, and I went back to obsessing over Yanakoto Sotto Mute business.

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We’ve Never Talked about Eren-chan. Let’s Fix That.

You know, I love referrals. Like this!

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ReAlice May Have the Most Idol Name in the History of Idol

Say, remember how we looked at DORCA the other day? This is a sort of sister unit. I played their little demo clip about 20 times and kept waiting for a beat to drop, but such is the nature of teasers. Anyway, there’s something there, and they debuted this past weekend, and now it’s Indie Idol Wednesday, and also their official account has blocked me for some reason, and John already did the heavy lifting, so, John:

As I mentioned on the podcast last Saturday, I had a couple of new groups up my sleeve. I can’t remember if this as one of them I was referring to but they were on the ever growing list of new idols. These girls sound interesting even with the small amount of information available, especially […]

via That Is New To Me: ReAlice — Straight From Japan

So Like Death Lolita Is a Thing Now? Check out Arisaka Emi

Shut it down, you guys. Forget Queen of the Scene. Just forget it all. Site’s closed. Nothing left to see.

No, wait.

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Indie Idol Wednesday in Black and White

You guys remember when I was like “Indie Idol Wednesday works best when you share the random stuff that you come across online” and we had a few of those and it was cool? Here’s a totally new indie, really indie, that’s literally weeks into existence but, thanks to the magical power of the Internet, perfectly accessible to at least check out:

That is what I believe to be the debut live of Tsuioku no Monochrome (Twitter), very generously and smartly provided by Viz Major the other day, and a perfect candidate for Indie Idol Wednesday. They’re so new that they only have like 150 followers! Continue reading

Creativity Points Go to This Indie Idol Wednesday Subject

Good Morning! Also Curation.

No seriously. That’s not a greeting; it’s idols:

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Let’s Do Duo for Indie Idol Wednesday

It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, friends, and you know what that means — hopefully, a heretofore unknown group on the very edge of idol, doing something that we can enjoy. In this case, I offer you an offer from you; specifically, Stefan hit me up on Facebook a little while ago with a group that he personally had stumbled across, enjoyed, and wanted to share with a wider audience.

I give you Duo:

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Indie Idol Wednesday: Sugar & Solt

This is what happens when you just let genres mix, people! IT’S A TOTAL LOSS OF CULTURE!

As one will, there I was, just minding my own business the other day when friend to us all Pure Idol Heart got into another round of going deep down the indie idol rabbit hole, which of course means plumbing the depths for excellent Indie Idol Wednesday material.

I have to say, Sugar and Solt is a prime candidate:

I likened it to Motorhead goes kawaii; tell me I’m wrong

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Bonnou Paradox Is Good for Indie Idol Wednesday

Good morning, friends! How’s your week going? Mine’s … I’ve had better. It’s good and fun, though, to have some music to listen to and idols to wonder what the hell they’re doing about.

And it’s Indie Idol Wednesday! Kind of my favorite theme of the week, to be honest; it’s not always easy to hit the sweet spot, but the effort’s worth it because the idols are doing their best, as they say. Take, for example, Bonnou Paradox!

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I’m Bringing Back SAKA-SAMA for Indie Idol Wednesday

“Midnight Sketch”