The Case of the Missing Ophelia 20mg MV

You haven’t seen me reference her all that much in a good long while, but long-time (or at least astute) readers may know that I hold solo super-chika Osaka-based idol Ophelia 20mg in a special place in my heart. I love the way she grinds away in the scene, making what I presume is a nice backup living, and clearly having a great time at it. She’s also a really snappy dresser who can get away with wearing whatever she wants because, like, there’s nobody else in a group of one to coordinate outfits with.

All of that being said, ever since her nice run of MVs to celebrate her album release last year, it’s been quiet in the ongoing unrequited relationship between Ophetan and I do check in sometimes (she’s my solo super-chika Osaka idol oshi, after all), though not as often as I used to. Sad.

But here’s what’s really sad! I felt like Sunday evening was going to be a good time to see what she was up to, and to the Twitter machine I went, and there I looked … only to discover that my girl had released a new song! With an MV! And apparently a DVD! A while ago! Like, this was released back in April: Continue reading

I’m Afraid That Ophetan Is Going to Run out of PVs Someday

It’s a new weekly occurrence for my favorite solo underground idol, Ophelia 20mg — last time out, she released a trailer for her upcoming EP/album doodad; this week, it’s back to short versions of full videos for … is she going to do one per song on the record? Holy moses.

Google says that the title of this number is “poison retrenched.” I don’t even care if that isn’t right; that’s a great title.

Actually got an update on the title! Thanks @microBun!

Happy Thursday. The Hurtsday portion will be along in a bit.

Ophelia 20mg Has a Trailer out for Her Album; Yes Please

You all know that I’m a big supporter of Osaka’s indie, solo rock-and-metal-and-awesome idol Ophelia 20mg, and I’ve been very excited to share her videos over the past couple of weeks; well, now she’s got out a full trailer for her upcoming album:


I hope you sell thousands of these things, Ophetan. Continue reading

There’s One More MV from My Girl Ophelia 20mg

I want the world for hard-working indie solo idol Ophelia 20mg. I don’t know much about her, and info in a language that I can actually understand is in short supply, but I enjoy her music and commitment to on-stage fashion dos, plus the fact that she’s doing it from Osaka, which might be my favorite local scene in the business.

She dropped a couple of full-version videos recently, sort of making good on a long run-up of progress; on Saturday, another fresh video hit YouTube:

It’s even getting attention from other idol sites, which makes me really happy for her. Continue reading

Let’s Take a Step Back for Indie Idol Wednesday

Part of the whole reason that I started Indie Idol Wednesday was so that I could have some set-aside space for the lesser known, not-quite-sung idols who actually work pretty hard and have a nice little following, but aren’t part of the usual big-buzz culture that we normally gravitate toward. And back when I started the feature, the other part of doing so was to have an excuse to talk up my girl Ophelia 20mg.

Well, Ophetan went and did something yesterday that I wasn’t sure she’d ever do — she released full-verison PVs for … singles of hers? There had been short versions and sort-of trailers published before, but now they’re full, and … if idorock is a thing, then idometal needs to be, too, because these are all great examples:

Continue reading

Maybe I Can Get You Guys on the Ophelia 20mg Train, Too

Programming note! After the favorable response to the idea of including WTF content on Tuesdays, I thought it might be fun to do something commemorative on the days of the week that we aren’t already; for the time being (like, until I or you get a better idea), we’ll make Hump Day into Indie Idol Wednesday, when we’ll have a look at somebody cool and good who’s plying her trade powered mostly by her talent, wits and fervent underground wota. First up, my personal favorite of the type.

Ophelia 20mg! If I were ever in Japan for more than a few days, I’d seriously consider traveling to wherever this committed power-voiced solo idol happened to be performing* just to see her do her thing, then shake her hand and tell her that I’m the goofy American who periodically tweets at her, and then I could watch her recoil in horror. Exciting!

This video is a good example of why it’s worth going through your YouTube subscriptions sometimes — you’re not going to see everything on Twitter, son. Continue reading

A Three-headed Underground Rock Idol Monster

Excuse the heck out of me, you guys, for making something kind of neat and fun into a super menacing-sounding Halloween leadup thing!

So if you remember Ophelia 20mg (and you should), she’s a cool solo rock idol making it work for herself in little Osaka clubs, and she’s good at what she does. Here’s a recent set:

I had seen kind of recently that she was filming for an MV, but no sign of that yet

But Ophelia isn’t on her own out there in the world; the cool thing about being indie is that you get to wear your friendships on your sleeve and embark on cool little projects together. Continue reading

Why the Hell Hasn’t Anybody Told Me about Ophelia 20mg?

Well if this isn’t fun! Via Idol 2.0:

Nice voice there!

Here’s basically her whole catalog put into a single promo reel:

Good stuff. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have an actual website, just an Ameba blog and Twitter. Well, good luck to you, Ophelia 20mg.