It’s the Exciting Stuff We Yearn for, BiSH

Of course, who cares what I think when BiSH is absolutely raking in cash for WACK, and the train seems to only keep accelerating. Look, it’s another video game tie-in (like right after making fun of that)! They’re like in all of the media! Even more than they used to be!

“stereo future”, the single, is out in December, but we get the video today:

Or, humorously, they shared the link late last night before the video had even officially published, leading lots of people* into I-didn’t-read-the-tweet-shut-up confusion. But it’s not something to miss, so of course I was up early for the express purpose of winding up wishing that I hadn’t done that.

It’s a really nice song. It’s a really gorgeous MV. It’s a shame that we’ve done it all before. Like, so many times as to be a rote recitation** of Important BiSH Single tropes. What happened to the group that — hell, to even ask the question is dumb, given the patterns of their releases … maybe the better question to ask is, Why keep going back to this same old well-trod well How much money do they make every time they include the ballad setting on the SCRAMBLES Scrambler? But even the complaint is rote, and kind of dumb bereft of context because holy shit, you know that the next album is going to be at least 50 percent material that’s way more complex and interesting than this***, not to mention the B-side (that’s the trend, at least) and oh yeah Aina and Chitti and Ayuni all had solo work that crushes this. What’s weird (at least for me) is that those awesome things definitely pay the bills! There’s no need to do these things over and over again!

Watch this if you like games:


*Me, most notably
**It’s not a humblebrag when I say that I hummed along with the chorus the very first time I heard it; Kenta, I am wise to your ways
***I know this for sure, because I was listening to THE GUERiLLA BiSH just last night in the gym