The Friday Fun Closest to an Actual Idol Fantasy League

Ohohohohohoho oh lordy! Last week, in the midst of oshi-loss, Supreme Nothing kindly took the reigns with his own dealio. Then right as I was starting to feel better one of my all-time non-Homicidol oshis had her own little announcement to make! HAHAHAHA, I don’t feel anything any more! (At least, not until Coco decides her time is up, which considering my luck with oshis this year will probably already have been announced 5 minutes before this post goes up)

Anyway, Supreme Nothing, why don’t you summarize last week’s Fun while I rip out my tear ducts!

Thank you Kerrie! Well, truth be told, “Idoween” wasn’t exactly the highest trending Friday Fun hashtag ever, it was kinda just me, Andrew, and Salem the Black Cat playing along. (sad trombone) But that’s okay cause for one thing, not every edition of the Fun needs to break the internet, and second, Salem is a funny-as-heck cat that never fails to crack me up. He would definitely win the #Idoween hashtag award if there was such a thing….

…and Andrew  shared some great costumes I overlooked!

Y’know, I always enjoy checking in every Friday to see what kind of wackiness (or WACKness) that Kerrie’s come up with, and now I feel like I appreciate how much work she puts into these hashtag fandom projects even more!  (Here’s where I cue up Carly Simon’s James Bond theme from the 80’s….  “Nooooobody does it better…..”) 

Thanks as always, Kerrie, back to you!!

Aaah, that’s better. Where were we? Oh right. Well, what else other than every idol I ever loved jumping ship, let’s see… -paper shuffles- Ah, right, the BiS League thing. That’s certainly a thing nobody ever wanted yet still gets forced upon us! Might as well make the best out of a bad situation (lord knows I’ve been doing it a lot lately).

So, those of you who don’t get how the BiS League thing works by now, you vote, you cry over Kika getting swindled out of 1st, then whoever is in BiS 1st gets treated like royalty, vacations,  big billboards, super-expensive special editions. And BiS 2nd gets garbage and being hit by a truck.

Now we have a pattern to follow, let’s use it to predict future BiS League concepts! Bc god knows we can’t just have BiS one big group again, that’d be giving the fans what they actually want.

Following roughly the pattern of “BiS 1st gets ___ and BiS 2nd gets ____” tweet your predictions with the hashtag #FutureBiSLeague and I’ll see you next week, providing I don’t lose yet another oshi.