Your Homicidols Weekender #95

Man, what a terrible week. I usually like to be forward-looking and optimistic once Saturday rolls around, but the past seven days included a massive typhoon and then a massive earthquake in Japan, no shortage of celebrity deaths, a news cycle gone completely haywire and, because why not, we’re currently soaking up some of the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon in the National Capital Area and may yet be facing down Hurricane Florence next week. We’re starting autumn off right!

That said, while it’s still plenty summery out there for many folks, and just feeling like summer is a good excuse to eat ice cream and visit a beach and pound beers with hamburgers, yes, I’m personally preparing myself the ever-exciting autumnal months ahead. Football? You bet! Breads and stews and stuff? Out of this world! Cider? I brew my own! There are three fun-time seasons of the year, and of them autumn is the best thanks to its combination of indoor and outdoor options, plus a whole mess of awesome holidays. And if/when you’re looking at indoor prospects, there ain’t nothing finer than digging into some good music and ever-plucky idol styles.

So get yourself started with the below, take a few minutes to play the Fun and think ahead to the good times waiting right around the corner.

Somebody Tell This Idiot That It’s Still Summer for Two More Weeks

We won’t be calling sugartrap by that name for much longer:

Every ayumikurikamaki gig looks like a blast, so that one-man is going to be phenomenal:

I declined a solo post on Aina’s solo single for good reasons, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t great:

This SAKA-SAMA single is going to be good as hell:

As a true devotee of 969, I was curious to see if Inoue Yume was still performing. Confirmed!

This PassCode trailer:

And now that YONEKO has her first solo single coming out on the Trash-Up!! label, I feel like Peak Chika has been achieved:

Very mixed feelings about Babymetal teaming up with Judas Priest at this point:

And, frankly, this thing with Sabaton (cool!) and Galactic Empire (less cool!):

For the WAgg debut:

They’ll look like this:

Candy GO!GO! is going to be down a member:

After way too long, Pikarin will have another single out in November:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, following their sister groups, released a very rare live digest:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is NECRONOMIDOL, who, like, could always be that, but they did lots of Weekendery things this week, so eat it.

I love every time that NECRONOMIDOTS happens:

This included ex-PiGU No Surprises:

And for what it’s worth, Necroma’s appearance in Portland at the Lovecraft event will once again leave Hina out of the action:

Interested in an Oyasumi Hologram photo DVD thing?

I expected more from this IVOLVE MV:

Here’s some cool BLACK NAZARENE live:

And also some Bonnou Paradox:

When your one-man projects to be so large that you need to have TV commercials to sell it, you might be Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen:

Here also is the spot for HAMIDASYSTEM:

You can download the new Kolokol maxi-single thing:

I think that HimeKyunFruitCan released a single like a week ago, but you’ll notice that there’s no MV; ergo, this live video will suffice:

Broken By The Scream with a 2-second cover of Napalm Death:

If you ever wanted to book some idols for a live in your town …

Have a great weekend!