Here’s Your All-new New Candye Syrup

Well if this isn’t a pleasant surprise — after graduating all of their original members post a final show right here in the good ol’ USA, Candye Syrup is back. Or, more accurately, a unit called Candye Syrup is back, because these are totally new Candye Syrup members:

Thank you for the English tweets!

Obviously most of the truly relevant details are contained therein, and you can probably start preparing for teasers and the like coming sooner rather than later, but I do still have questions. Like, who’s going to be the growler? Will they be keeping the existing musical catalog, or starting fresh? Can we arrange for a con appearance on the east coast this time, and also have it not be the final live? Can we hook up another interview scenario? Will they do joint lives with the awesome OWA YORU?

I’m digging it.