Dang, Chitti, You Crushed It

Lo and behold, the first MV from that double A-side split solo single by (captain) Chitti and (center) Aina from BiSH has arrived! I felt good from the preview; the whole song and nice narrative video kind of makes me feel like I should be doing more with my life:

Does anybody else ever watch these moments in films and the like and think, there’s no way that’s real, nobody actually does that, also be careful because those sparks could probably burn a hole in your head, while also thinking, man, I’d really like to be doing that too? Asking for a friend.

Now, the music: At first glance, going through the first couple of verses+choruses, I’ll admit to being kind of unmoved. Nice, yes, but nice in a way that a John Daly* is nice on a hot day, more soothing and edifying that inspiring, per se, as compared to having a Sazerac with a bit more absinthe than traditionally expected while talking about obscure political esoterica with a new friend at a patio bar after hours. It got me there, you know? But a good tune takes you places. It builds you up and releases, sometimes in clean resolution but better when it’s raw catharsis, just gushing out that energy right at the point when its force in unbearable. And, yep, mission accomplished. That very quiet break and its eventual explosion took me right the hell home. Call off the rest of the week, please.

In a lot of ways, it’s not even really an idol kind of song at all. Idol, when writ ballad, can be almost defensively maudlin. Chitti’s turn here is more true indie singer, which, I think we can all agree, is pretty much her destiny should she decide to take her show on the road. I may be biased, considering that Chitti’s been one of my favorites going all the way back to “Hoshi ga”, but naw, owner’s prerogative and all that.

*A perfect summertime drink, named for the infamous pro golfer whose career was marked by boorish behavior, open drunkenness and astonishing power off the tee — its base is the Arnold Palmer, a mix of lemonade and iced tea, named for a well-respected all-time great; to make it a John Daly, just add vodka